Vision Zero


‘Using the roads is a necessary part of UNHCR’s daily business. Our organisation drives many kilometers per year to provide assistance to people of concern. With this road travel comes the risk that we are involved in road traffic crashes. Getting road safety right is a priority – and a serious challenge.’

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Key Pillars of the Strategy


Our road safety commitment begins with senior management setting expectations for compliance and performance improvement.


A key pillar will focus on data collection and analysis. Vehicle incidents will always be reported and crashes will always be investigated so that we get a good understanding of root causes and can put preventing actions in place.


Our vision of zero road crash fatalities and injuries can only be achieved if everybody in UNHCR is aware of what his / her individual responsibility is. We provide training and workshop programmes to ensure that our personnel follow our Be Road Safe rules.


All our personnel have a role to play when it comes to safe road use. We inform personnel how they can be make changes to their own road behavior through regular communications. We engage personnel to become active as a Safe Road Use Champion and advocate for safe road use. We address our safety culture in management workshops and we develop country specific action plans to improve road safety.


Since the launch of Vision Zero we have seen many activities that aim to reduce the number of road crash fatalities and injuries. From the High Commissioner committing to Vision Zero by signing the Safe Road Use Pledge, to the development of the Safe Road Use Strategy and Administrative Instruction. From making staff aware in Safe Road Use workshops in field locations all over the world to conducting a survey to see how you think about safety on the roads. We will keep doing this until we have achieved our vision: zero road crash fatalities and injuries.

By the 20 August 2019 SRU Awareness workshops conducted by FF:

  • in 30 field operation;
  • 59 locations;
  • total 2,381 UNHCR staff participated;
  • 2,271 pledges signed.

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UNHCR Safe Road Use Survey 2019

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Did you know that in the last four years, 86 people lost their lives and other 2095 got injured on the roads, where UNHCR vehicles were involved in the crash?

In the 2019 all-staff survey, 1592 colleagues speak up and share the UNHCR’s corporate knowledge and opinions on road safety. Results are shown on the website Vision Zero, the organization’s vision to reduce road traffic crashes to zero.

UNHCR Safe Road Use Survey 2016

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The better we understand what the concerns, opinions and views of staff are relating to road safety, the better the Safe Road Use activities that support Vision Zero can be tailored. To get this insight annual Safe Road Use Surveys are held.