Action plans

The action plans of the countries that were involved in the SRU workshop programme. The actions are defined around the following themes: Road Safety Management, Safer Roads and Vehicles, Safer People and Post Crash Response & Reporting.


Actions that support embedding road safety in the UNHCR operation. Examples are: monitoring compliance to speed rules or seat belt wearing, developing Standard Operating Procedures for road safety, implement safe driving bonus.


Actions that make the roads and vehicles which UNHCR uses safer. Examples are: make the traffic rules in the camp visible, place speedhumps in the camps, separate vulnerable road users (i.e. children, pedestrians) from motorized traffic in the camps. Ensure that all vehicles are checked daily by drivers, install seatbelts for all seats in the vehicle, install VTS to monitor speed.


Actions that aim to increase the safety of people. Examples are: Send out monthly road safety messages to remind staff, actively ask feedback to staff and drivers about road safety issues, share information about root causes of road traffic incidents so that staff can learn from it.


Actions that reduce the severity of a road crash and aim to get an understanding why crashes happen. Examples are: First aid training for drivers and staff authorized to drive, train drivers on the vehicle incident reporting procedure, make sure that all vehicles have safety equipment on board.

Country Action Plans

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you develop your Safe Road Use action plan. You can learn from your colleagues who have already developed one!