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Source: Global Fleet Management Monthly Report – June 2019.

 Death on the Roads: a data visualization of the

Global status report on road safety 2018

Over 3 400 people die on the world’s roads every day and tens of millions of people are injured or disabled every year. Children, pedestrians, cyclists and older people are among the most vulnerable of road users. WHO works with partners – governmental and nongovernmental – around the world to raise the profile of the preventability of road traffic injuries and promote good practice related to addressing key behaviour risk factors – speed, drink-driving, the use of motorcycle helmets, seat-belts and child restraints.

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Safe Road Use Promotion Videos

We promote Safe Road Use! A series of videos to draw attention to road safety have been produced in cooperation with the prestigious Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest, Hungary.

Safety Videos

Road safety: 1 person killed every 24 seconds

The Global status report on road safety 2018, launched by WHO in December 2018, highlights that the number of annual road traffic deaths has reached 1.35 million. The report suggests that the price paid for mobility is too high, especially because proven measures exist. Drastic action is needed to put these measures in place to meet any future global target that might be set and save lives.

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Lets’ change the way we look at speed
How fast is fast enough to kill? Most people are surprise to learn that driving even a couple of kilometres over the speed limit can have devastating consequences. Sadly in real life there’s no warning.
Reference: Join the Drive.
Driving Tired

Fatigue is one of the top five factors contributing to road crashes. This animated video provides information about this major cause of crashes.

Reference: Join the Drive.
Country Roads: Helpful Hazards
To raise awareness of the dangers of country roads THINK! have partnered with a local farmer to turn potential hazards into helpful hazards.
Reference: Think!

Vehicle Checks
You wouldn’t fly without the proper checks being carried out, so why drive without them? This video was developed by the UK Department of Transport as part of the THINK! campaign”

The Carvin Family: Life without Zoë
11 years ago, the Carvin family lost a loving mother and wife. Paul, Emily and Ben share their heartbreaking story about how one driver texting at the wheel changed their lives forever. Nothing is so important it can’t wait. THINK! Put your phone away.
This video was developed by the UK Department of Transport as part of the THINK! campaign

Distracted Driving
This Chinese short film named “Distracted Driving” won the second prize of the 2017 Global Road Safety Film Festival, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) announced on February 28, 2017.
The film, produced by the Road Traffic Safety Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Public Security, “powerfully displayed” the consequences of using smartphones while driving on the road.

The powerful advert entitled ‘Mistakes’ attempts to make drivers think twice about speeding.
The advert was created by the New Zealand Transport Agency.