Imagine the following situation: You stopped at a red light during rush hour while attempting to make a left-turn at an intersection. A traffic policeman waves at you to take the turn using the wrong lane. What would you do?

The right answer to this question would be C, at least if you are in Lebanon and are following the New Traffic Law. Questions like this can pop up in your email at a regular basis as part of Lebanon’s Safe Road Use activities.

We reached out to Field Safety Advisor Amin Shayya to get to know more about how a little bit of friendly competition can increase knowledge about road safety.

Amin, how did the idea of organizing a quiz evolve?

“In 2016 UNHCR Lebanon participated in the Safe Road Use workshops. One of the actions in action plan was to conduct refresher sessions at regular times to keep road safety ‘alive’. That how we came to the idea to do it in a form of a quiz as people in general like to play and compete

How do you organize the quizzes?

“These quizzes are held countrywide on a monthly basis; the quiz questions and guidelines are sent out to all staff by email. The guidelines clearly specify the conditions of the quiz, including the timeframe, minimal amount of correct answers, and some restrictions; drivers, fleet managers and security staff, for instance, are not allowed to participate due to their knowledge of the laws and principles in the questions.”

He continues: “At the end of the prescribed time-frame, the answers are checked and the respondent with the highest score above 80% is declared the winner in an all-staff email. Should none of the respondents score 80% or above, an all-staff email will be sent out declaring that there has been no winner. In both instances, the correct answers to the questions are indicated in the body of the email for our staff to note.”

What is the secret behind the quiz’ popularity?

“I believe the main reason behind the quiz’s popularity is the fact that we have managed to draft a number of questions that aim to invoke a sense of curiosity in our staff members with regards to the subject matter.”

What about prizes? Can we win something apart from eternal fame in the all staff email?

“Yes, you can. In fact the prizes are also an important factor in contributing to the quiz’s success; we offer a range of UNHCR-Marked gifts from the UNHCR gift shop, which are valued by our colleagues. The winners of the quizzes are offered one of the discussed items after the results have been shared.”

Finally, what would you recommend to colleagues who want to organize a quiz as well?

“My advise would be to do your best to adapt the quiz to the local driving culture by creating questions based on scenarios that staff members may encounter in real-life situations, effectively testing the respondents’ knowledge of road safety principles, local traffic laws, and critical thinking. The more staff recognizes the situations in the questions, the higher the odds are that they the knowledge sticks in their memory.”

Thanks a lot Amin and good luck with the quiz!

For field operations wanting to organize Safe Road Use quizzes, please check the 5. activity in the Event in a Box, the Coffee Morning Quiz.



Photo: © Amin Shayya / Lebanon