The road safety ambition that UNHCR has is clear: No one should die or get injured from a road traffic accident involving a UNHCR vehicle. This is what is called Vision Zero.

Over the years road safety experts have identified that the fast majority of road crashes originate in human behavior, we humans make mistakes, misjudge situations or forget the measures we can put in place that mitigate the impact of a crash. In order for UNHCR to reach Vision Zero we need constant reminders how important safe behavior is and how each and every one of us can make a positive contribution towards UNHCRs goal of zero.

Taking into account that staff rotate to different duty stations, large country operations and to ensure that Safe Road Use workshops can take place at a regular basis, the Safe Road Use Steering Group developed the Safe Road Use Training of Facilitators (ToF). After successful pilots in Colombia and Lebanon in 2016, the ToF is now ready to roll out. After UNHCR in Central African Republic and a trained group of 26 Field Safety Advisors, UNHCR Pakistan has been the next country to embrace this important initiative to build up internal capacity. In a one-day training programme 13 staff members in Pakistan were trained to facilitate Safe Road Use workshops in future. During the training programme not only road safety knowledge is shared, emphasis is also placed on the fact that in order to change behavior the most important role of the facilitator is to engage staff.

The trained facilitators are now ready to take on their role and organize Safe Road Use workshops in their locations and their workshop activities will support the Pakistan operations to keep everyone mindful of Vision Zero and Safe Road Use.

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