The latest marathon run by Fleet Forum trainer Sheila Ejalu, consisted of the delivery of road safety messages, specially for UNHCR staff and partners in Chad.

Here are some of her ‘race statistics’:

  • The entire trip lasted for 15 days in June and included travel from Entebbe (Uganda) to N’Djamena (Chad).
  • Some 122 UNHCR staff and partners attended 9 sessions of workshops in French.
  • That means 36 hours of road safety awareness sessions in 4 locations to which she required 6 internal UNHAS flights (Many thanks to World Food Programme).

  • She endured 7 hours on treacherous roads altogether, clocking some 1,653 KMs, of which 90km was pure head bumping sand dunes – the famous Bol to Baga Sola!

Photo: ©Sheila Ejalu