Workshops & Training

Read about the training and workshop programme that UNHCR offers.

Invest 4 hours of your time to learn about Vision Zero!

Achieving Vision Zero requires everyone’s involvement. Whether you are a staff member traveling in a UNHCR vehicle, whether you are a manager planning activities for your team or whether you are driving a UNHCR vehicle, we all have a role to play and a contribution to make to Vision Zero. A key activity in our strategy to reduce vehicle incidents is to inform staff about Vision Zero and Safe Road Use and to engage staff in making Vision Zero happen.

We do that through Safe Road Use workshops that are offered to management and staff in country and field operations. To date, more than 900 UNHCR colleagues all over the world have participated in this interactive programme. If you want to join them, please click here to find information about the Safe Road Use Workshops or send an email to [email protected].

Good to know:

  • The workshops can be facilitated in English, French and Spanish
  • Your time investment: 4 hours
  • The workshops are offered to country offices at no (or low) cost


Training of Facilitators

To facilitate the scalability of the Safe Road Use campaign and exponentially raise awareness of UNHCR staff members, a Training of Facilitators was launched in 2017. Please click here to find information about the workshops.

More training

Global Fleet Management (GFM) has developed Fleet Management e-learning modules in which fleet safety and incident reporting is covered. The following modules are available: